• Chuck Helmke

    Chuck Helmke, 76, may be retired but he is still active. A former self-defense trainer, he still stays active in that venue through his Situational Awareness book series co-written with Charlotte Guttenberg, and occasionally doing a public speaking gig on the subject.

    If he strikes you as being very colorful, there is a reason for that. According to Guinness World Records (GWR), he is certified "Officially Amazing" and currently holds two GWR titles: Most Tattooed Senior Citizen - Male AND Most Skulls Tattooed on the Body. How many? After 376 skulls verified, everyone stopped counting. How many more are there? That count is for another day if a challenger to his title appears. What percentage of his body is covered in tattoos, 97.5%! The photo above was taken a year and a half before he broke his own former title record of 93.75%.

  • Charlotte Guttenberg

    Charlotte Guttenberg, 69, has indulged herself in a life-long love affair with books and writing. Unfortunately, the need to earn a living most of her life precluded her reaching her goal of writing fiction full-time.

    Goal now reached, she spends her days reveling in creating word-worlds at the keyboard or researching details for one of her series.

    Like Helmke, she is a GWR title holder: Most Tattooed Senior Citizen - Female. Titled again at 98.75% coverage, she too has broken her former record twice. She also holds the titles for most feathers tattooed on a body; the most tattooed woman living; and also, the most tattooed woman ever. It is no wonder is it that tattoos often play a role in some of her novels?

    Wow! Too cool!