Recently published books. More to come!

We are taking a deep breath and looking back on what was a big publication year for us. Ten books were published as Amazon ebooks in 2016. Some are new and others are revised editions of some of my older work. Chuck Helmke, who is the co-author of some, as well as the adviser on others, was relieved upon their publication to be able to cease doing triple-duty -- writing, researching, and advising.

Facebook friends shamed me in a poll, to learn how to format The New Green Beret Gourmet into an eBook, retaining all the art. (I was going to delete the art and publish it as text only.) Proud to announce, I learned how to format it and it is now available on Amazon as an eBook.

The three new titles promised for Spring of 2017 have been delivered! Now available on Amazon in both Kindle and print formats are Sacred Hearts; Bastard Hearts, Part One - Warrior Heart; and Bastard Hearts, Part Two - Darkness Descending. The next set of books in the series, the three volumes in Bloody Hearts, are all in draft stages at present, as are the second books in the Theo of Teach Island series and the Zoey Wolfe series. Characters from both of those series appear in The Heart Series, as do characters from The Taste of Salt and All Things Bright And Beautiful.

Two non-fiction books, co-authored with Charles Helmke, also debuted on Amazon as revised version eBooks. They are part of our Situational Awareness Primer series: I'm Watching YOU! and The Decision To Defend. Upcoming is number three in the series: Walk It Like You Talk It!
The artwork for The Heart Series was created by artist Billy Haydock. All the covers are spectacular.