Sep. 26, 2016

Hello, friends. I can use your help!

It was with mixed emotions that I posted my latest novel, All Things Bright And Beautiful, to Amazon this afternoon. It is bittersweet to part with people you have laughed and cried with, held their "fictional" hands, to get them through their dilemmas -- then you let them go to make their own way into the world. I hope they will meet new, loving friends, all of you readers, who will be as moved by them as I was while creating them.

I hope you can all help me. It is very difficult to get reviews and star rankings on Amazon.* Amazon best likes reviews and rankings from people who purchase the book. To that end, I am selling the book for the next sixty days for $0.99 -- the category you are ranked in is different if the book is free rather than for sale.

If you would be so kind as to purchase my book, review and/or rank it (those stars, you know), I would be extremely grateful. To get the word out, would you please share this blog with all your Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram friends and all the church, knitting, fishing or shooting groups that you are involved in -- any groups, please. Like Joseph Heller's Catch 22, there really is a Catch 22. If you can't get reviews and rankings, you can't get ranked by Amazon. It's like needing a loan. If you need money, the bank doesn't want to talk to you. If you don't need money, the bank will come knocking at your door, begging you to take their money. (No, this has never happened to me. This is a fictional account.)

Just so you aren't blind-sided, you likely want to know what this book is about. Right? It is categorized on Amazon under Fiction, Noir and Thriller/Suspense. It's a little dark, but I think by the end, you may forgive me. Here is the book description as it appears on Amazon:

A mystery from a Guinness World Record title holder!

-- What if everything you valued in life was suddenly taken away from you? What if you found yourself isolated from family? Friends? Associates? What if everyone you met, except for one old fisherman, disappeared? What if there was no trace of them left -- as if they never existed, except in your mind? What would you do?

-- Famous Celtic singer and musician, Juliette Marsh Boyle, lives moment to moment. She survives only for the beauty of the day that surrounds her and occasionally, being able to escape from her captors. She knows, that one day, they will finally acquire all her assets, tire of her -- and that one bright, beautiful moment, will be her last.

-- Until then, she vows to herself to continue to escape down to the beach she loves. She will wait, savoring each moment of freedom, waiting for the morning sun to rise over the Atlantic and to visit with her friend Charlie -- until all things bright and beautiful end.

--Includes an excerpt from the novella, The Taste Of Salt.

Only $0.99 for the next 60 days!


If you have any special reading interests, the keywords for it are: Vengeance, Prisoner - captive, Romance, Florida, Murder, Celtic, Musician


The setting is Florida>Brevard County>Floridana Beach>Sebastian Inlet>Melbourne. You may recognize some places -- but of course, they are used fictionally. I do have permission from some friends to use a generalized depiction of their business, you may recognize it.


It is dedicated to a longtime friend, Sharon Ennis Norgren, a woman who loved books.


*I once wrote a book that was so reviled, reviews and star rankings piled in, even from people who did not purchase the book. It was disastrous. They not only reviewed the book but gave their personal opinions of me. I think it fortunate they didn't know the names of my dogs, or they too would have been mentioned and their pedigrees read. Whoever said any reviews are better than none, probably never found themselves in this situation. I vowed to never write that type book again. Lesson learned: If you are in any manner exposing yourself to the public, you better be ready to accept whatever comes along, or at least have a thick skin and high-waders or learn to swim.