Jun. 14, 2017

Our Amazon Author's Page

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It's strange how things often work out, isn't it? When we retired finally from active defensive training, Chuck asked me what I wanted to do. Without hesitation, I told him I wanted to write full-time. No problem, he was onboard, both as a writer, too, and head researcher.

Last year, our first full-year of officially not hopping into traffic and commuting to a job was busy. We made up for lost time and published a lot of books on Amazon and Blurb. It helped of course, that we had a file cabinet of material to draw from, drafts, outlines, and even books nearing completion. It was a heady experience seeing those books pile up on our Amazon Bookshelf. (See them for yourself on our author's page, link above, just click on it.)

We have continued to work on the four series we have generated:

Situational Awareness Series

Theo of Teach Island
Zoey Wolfe Books
The Heart Series

Presently we are both working on additions to those series but we discovered it is not enough.


Right! As independent publishers (the term for us independent writers publishing our own works) we discovered if we don't become booksellers those books just sit on the shelf getting dusty. So this year, we have become not only book writers but booksellers. It's not easy or simple. I have participated in a number of bookseller marketing webinars and everyone has the "secret sauce" to making their recipe for selling books the winning program -- usually involving more classes and/or a piece of software.

With all our accumulated new knowledge we are embarking on the second portion of our journey into being independent publishers, now we are not just writers, we are booksellers, too.

You may be paging through our first stage, the revamped website. We value the input of our readers and hope you will offer constructive advice about what you like or dislike about our books. If you purchase our books, please leave reviews and/or stars on Amazon. If you were loaned or gifted a book, you can still leave your opinion, just state the book wasn't purchased from Amazon and was given or gifted to you, Amazon accepts that explanation and still publishes your review. All opinions are valued. All opinions count. To us and to Amazon. A win-win situation.

Regards and good reading,
Charlotte G.