Jun. 25, 2017

Virtual writing camp, my cup of tea

I am prepping for summer camp for a totally different writing experience. Virtual camp, CampNaNo, runs during the month of July. I already have my cabin assignment, housed with nineteen other writers from all over the world. We are all writing in the thriller/suspense genre. Actually, of the twenty of us campers, nineteen of us are. The twentieth writer is in the fantasy genre, but it appears the project to be worked, may also be thriller/suspense.

Campers set their own goals and I decided to aim high for my first virtual camp experience. Why not? I have entered fiction writing late in life and feel the need to get these stories told. I am fortunate to have a supportive partner and researcher, Chuck. His encouragement makes what might appear to be a daunting task, doable. His comment whenever I am looking longingly over to the keyboard, "Get writing!"

I am plotting and massaging three manuscripts for two of my series, hopefully, into something far beyond a first draft stage. Time will tell in accomplishing this ambition. I did say I am aiming high, didn't I?

Theo of Teach Island:

      All The Money Or The Man? (tentative title)

      Best of Intentions (Prequel to the series)

Zoey Wolfe books:

      Just and the Unjust

Last week I completed a short read clearing the way to work this July project. The yet unpublished story is in the Theo series. It is a bridge to the prequel included in the bundle I am working at camp:

      Theo's Lucky Day

I hope to publish it sometime in August or September along with the other short read I am currently writing. The other short read crosses over both series:

       Billy the Kid & Reno & Hole-In-The-Wall

As you may know from previous posts and comments, I am a plotter. I have the need to control not only the story but the characters and settings. I have written a few books panster-style (no planning, allowing the story to simply unfold) but I, not the books, have suffered from my lack of control of the situation. Yes, I am a micro-manager. I admit it. Some of my characters hate me for it. I have been known to delete whole passages of their thoughts and relegate them to a lesser part OR no part at all in the book being written.

I have decided these three must-writes, will be in my Pre-Pub folder this summer along with the two short reads, in time to get back to Bloody Hearts: War of the Queens. That is another story clamoring for my attention -- so loudly, I am having a difficult time ignoring it. Some things simply cannot be ignored nor should they.

Wish me luck! First-word-to-paper-day is July 1! Do you find it odd, although I now extensively use a computer to write, I still think in terms of typewriter and paper? Somewhere, I have a copy of a manuscript I wrote in the 1980s, typed on newsprint cut roughly to 8 1/2x 11 inch size.