Sep. 27, 2017

I need your help in a contest!

This month has been awhirl with activity. We waited out Hurricane Irma’s visit without evacuating and were fortunate that little happened to us other than minor inconvenience. Our hearts, both Chuck’s and mine, go out to all the victims of the recent hurricanes. Their misfortune has certainly made us even more aware of our good fortune and blessings.

I am busily editing additions to the Theo of Teach Island Series that I wrote during Camp NaNoWriMo. After having disposed of numerous pages of drafts of other novels, I am attempting to edit it without committing any of it to paper before I produce the final version. Time will only tell if this is a workable solution to the wasteful use of paper product.

I NEED YOUR HELP! My book Sacred Hearts from The Heart Series is in a contest for independently published books, i.e. – books not published by a publishing house. Please follow the link below to vote for the People’s Choice Award for Best Independently Published THRILLER of 2017. If you are looking for it on Amazon you will see two cover versions. The eBook version has a black cover that is the same as the one in the contest. The print book has a pink cover but you will note the artwork is the same. The talented artist Billy Haydock produced the cover art for the entire series.

The contest voting takes place over the next few months. If you would vote for the book and ask all your friends to vote for it, I would be very grateful. I have won awards in the past for non-fiction but this would be my first fiction award – one I would treasure. Writing these books is my obsession and passion. Is it possible to be obsessed by something without being passionate about it? For me? No. Your support is greatly appreciated.

In order to vote, follow the link to the contest then follow the menu prompt on the black bar to the THRILLER page (it is page nine). Find Sacred Hearts and click on it. It is that easy to vote. One click. That is all I am asking. No, it’s not -- please ask all your friends to vote for it as well and if they would ask their friends to do the same, it would be amazing and brilliant. There is only a short time for voting so don’t stop to think about it, you may forget about it until it is too late! I know, I can be pushy. I have been told.

Voting link:

If you are interested in seeing the books that Chuck and I have available on Amazon, follow this link to our Author’s Page:

Note that the price of the eBook version of Sacred Hearts has been lowered to 99 cents until after the voting.

Happy reading all!