Jan. 21, 2018

Zoey and Theo

After Hurricane Irma blew out of our lives, I immersed myself in writing. My characters have so many stories to be completed, and at nearly seventy-years old, I realize I must apply myself to the telling. The problem with being a lone troubadour is that only I know the stories they have revealed to me. Something that became even more apparent to me after Sue Grafton died, and her Kinsey Millhone series died with her. It was announced the series would end without the final book of her alphabet series being written. It is a true sign of respect to a talented writer, acknowledging only she could have written the final planned installment, the “Z” book.

I have just completed the second book of the Zoey Wolfe series, The Just and the Unjust and started the sequels, Paragon of Virtue and Slow Day in Hell. What happens in her latest book, and the two following, is as shocking to me as it likely will be to readers. I had no idea until Zoey told me her story, just as it happened. My heart went out to her, but to my credit, I kept typing. I am astounded at her courage and her ability to survive all that has happened. She is a very determined woman. I have faithfully related it, although I assured her we would set it aside for a few weeks while I finish the final editing on the stories her cousin, Theo of Teach Island, shared with me last year.

Zoey was agreeable, still uncertain she wants us to make all public that she has told me. I agreed with her, it is difficult to allow anything so personal to be known. When it comes time to make the final decision, I hope she will agree to share it. It is a part of her story that I believe must be revealed, however painful it may be at first. I am certain she will be surprised – I told her readers wouldn’t condemn her. They would support her and love her even more. I must tell you, she is uncertain about that. It might help if you send her messages of support. At the moment, she isn’t listening to me. I understand, the pain of what she revealed is still too fresh to think logically about it. Time heals though, doesn’t it?

Hopefully, by the end of next week, she will have decided. I am anxious to get back to putting down the remainder of the words of the next two stories she has told me. This week though, I must deal with Theo. She wants to look at her books before they are posted to Amazon. She knows there are readers interested in following her saga, she also knows I am the Queen of Commas. She wants to delete as many of them as possible before the stories become public. Make shorter sentences, she and Zoey both have advised me. Yes, they both read each other stories, Margaret’s, too – you know, the Sacred Heart series. Because of their shared family gifts, they know what people think and are always intruding into each other’s stories. “Leave the computer on,” Theo once said to me, “I want to read what you have written now. You left out the part about Junior Cruz getting his ass kicked again.” (Something I corrected, readers. I promise.) Fortunately, I think I am still a mystery to them both. I have learned to block them and I do not leave personal information on the computer they can delve into when they are tired of reading about themselves and Margaret – who by the way, is very busy down in Melbourne. I haven’t brought the subject up to them yet, but she may need their help. Soon.

Speaking of Margaret, thank you to everyone who voted for Sacred Hearts in the reader’s choice division of the independently published book contest. After the votes were tallied, it didn’t reach first place, but was decently in the middle of many other contestants. I was pleased. It is difficult to publicize independently published books. It is for me. I am seriously lacking in the self-promotion category preferring to write instead of selling. Likely not the way I should do things, but there you have it. At least, I am not starving and have a roof over my head. All good things. And, now, Theo demands I tend to her needs. She swears she plans to delete a minimum of six commas per page. Where did she come up with that random figure? She is so strange at times, but I do like having her for a best friend. Zoey and Margaret, too. Kindred souls, all of us.