Feb. 27, 2018

Dividing Manuscripts! Not for the weak-hearted.

Heck of a decision time! I finished up the manuscript for The Just and The Unjust in the Zoey Wolfe series. Definitely mind-blowing when I saw the page count. It was just shy of 2,000-pages. Same issue I have had with my two other series – large documents that must be broken apart. It is a convenient way for me to write, so I continue to do it this way, although I do admit to some reluctance to divide them. Anyone ordering a print book would have had trouble with it, especially in paperback. I not only dislike the small type size they inevitably have, I hate when the spine breaks on that size book when I’m reading it. Of course, lately, I only order eBooks – they are so convenient. I now carry a library around with me, as long as I have my charger cord.

I’ve noticed people sitting in lobbies and airports, plugged in. First time I saw this was on a layover at the Atlanta airport. I knew then the world of reading was changing. I had long resisted eBooks. I admit I love the sense of a book – the smell of it, the feel of it, skipping around inside of it. There is something magical about them. Chuck purchased my first Kindle for me, and after that, I never looked back. I do still purchase print books, but usually, now, they are all reference books.

I have found that eBooks, in general, are far less expensive than print books. I can easily price my eBooks at a low, affordable price. I simply opt to make fewer royalties on them. I don’t have that option with print books. The cost of those is driven by the cost of production. Back to the latest 2,000-page tome, I was wrestling with – the cost of producing it would likely have priced many readers out of the market. I try to keep my eBooks at $4.99 down to $2.99, a few are even less, but they have low page-counts. Those same books in print are $12.99 and higher, and I get only a fraction of the royalty I do from eBooks. It’s all about the cost of production and handling.

The only exception to this is our book K.I.S.S. Keep Individual Security Simple. The price of it is higher in both print and eBook because it is handled by a publisher. We now handle our own publication through Amazon. It is very convenient to be able to control our price structure and distribution. It is interesting that you can actually choose the countries your book will be distributed in and the price. There is always a minimum price listed, but still, isn’t that cool? Naturally, we choose all countries and select the minimum. But, still...we have the option.

Realizing the 2,000-page book would be unwieldy, at the least, I asked my Facebook friends to help me out again. Another quick poll seemed to be in order. I asked if fiction readers would prefer a 2,000-page novel, two 900-page novels, or three 600-page novels. The poll yielded a surprising answer. I thought perhaps the two 900-page novels would be most popular. I was wrong. Most readers said they preferred three 600-page books. Apparently, they didn’t mind the slightly higher cost of purchasing three books instead of two or one. I took their advice. I have been reordering manuscripts in the Zoey series and have finally come up with a new order of novels, breaking up unpublished manuscripts into new books. Here is the new sequence of novels in this series:


The Zoey Wolfe Books:

Blood Moon

The Just and the Unjust

Paragon of Virtue

No Kind of Angel

Slow Day in Hell


At present, I am reworking No Kind of Angel to work with the way I have divided the story. Slow Day in Hell is still a work in progress. I think I will wait and release books 2, 3, and 4, together as I recently did in the Theo of Teach Island series. All of the following Theo books are available on Amazon.com as both print and eBooks. Book 4, All the Money, also includes Zoey!


Theo of Teach Island series:

Exes and Other Excrement, Prequel

Theo’s Lucky Day, Prequel

Thorns or Roses, Book 1

Best of Intentions, Book 2

Tea Bag in Hot Water, Book 3

All the Money, Book 4


Don’t forget my Heart Series. The first three books are available on Amazon.com, also in print and eBook:


The Heart series:

Sacred Heart

Bastard Hearts, Part One – Warrior Heart

Bastard Hearts, Part Two – Darkness Descending

Bloody Hearts, Part One – War of the Queens

Bloody Hearts, Part Two – Hearts of Evil

Bloody Hearts, Part Three – Battle Royal

Bound Hearts, Part One — HIM


Bloody Hearts and Bound Hearts are in progress. Like my initial manuscript of The Just and the Unjust, they are one huge manuscript that needs much work. Zoey and Theo both appear with Margaret in them. In fact, you will recognize characters from A Taste of Salt and All Things Bright and Beautiful. If you are paying attention while reading in the Theo series, you may recognize characters you have met before, as well!

Good reading!