Nov. 30, 2018

Stepping Back, Viewing the Ride

It has been a wild ride this year! Actually, this odyssey I have been on began a few years ago. It started when I made a momentous decision – to write as many books in each of my intended-to-be series as possible. I say intended series, as each was a single novel that related to another novel I had written. More about that later. After all, at the time I made this decision, I was in my late sixties and not in the best of health. I wanted to share the stories of my characters and it seems I was running out of time.

I began plotting and planning and methodically following the plan, one series at a time. I began by writing four of the novels in The Heart Series as one novel. I then subdivided it. Three are published, the fourth remains yet unfinished, as I worked my way back into another series, Theo of Teach Island.

This method of writing a continuous story, then subdividing it, has worked out well for me, keeping the story continuity flowing. It is a method I now use frequently. I will not even plead age for needing the assists I do to keep the plots moving forward, the characters, and the locales fresh in my mind, including this one. I also maintain maps and have character lists, including an index box with information about my characters – just in case I forget their birthdays, or other important dates, traveling from book to book. Remember when I said, ‘more about that later’? My series are interconnected by characters, places, events. The main connection? If I had to choose one thing, I would tell you it is Brevard County, Florida. No one calling me out on that one?

I freely admit I have taken liberties with my beloved state and this amazing county I call home. I cheerfully slashed a swath through the county just above the Canaveral National Seashore, carefully worked it apart, and inserted two new communities: Paradise Cove and Teach Island. I hadn’t yet dared to give them postal codes yet, but I may need to do that soon. Teach Island has grown immensely in population. It needs a postal code, especially now. Why?

This past year and a quarter, with a few days out to co-host the final National Tattoo Association Convention with partner Chuck Helmke, I have been writing daily. Even if I could only get in a few hours a day – I wrote. Generally, though, I started at 7:30 a.m. and stopped at 5:30 to 6 p.m. daily, day-in, day-out including holidays and weekends.

When I wrapped the three books in the fourth series up yesterday afternoon, Chuck asked, “Are you sad? That’s it over? After all this time?”

The reply was easy, “Not at all. These stories have only ended, the characters and locales remain.”

He only nodded. I haven’t decided yet if it denoted exasperation or resignation to having to ignore house-moss continuing to collect in corners of rooms, or having to brush off layers of dust with his socks – a safe thing to do, as doing laundry while I write seems to work out well. I have a system!

The characters do remain, waiting for their turn to again relate a new tale, their version of it. Throughout the series, I have inserted events told from varying characters’ viewpoints. Although they may have knowledge of the same event, each one seems to understand what happened differently. To be expected. They all are different people. That will happen only after Margaret and Zoey finish telling the story of War of The Queens. Dora, the fourth elemental from the new series Foster & Dora, will join them. I can’t wait!

My goal is to have books two through six of The Zoey Wolfe Books published by January first. I want to give them one more read-through. Book seven, Apex Predator, needs a thorough brushing-up, although I have included it on the list. Like Bloody Hearts – War of The Queens, it is written, not yet to my satisfaction.

Save up your pennies! The five Zoey books and three Foster & Dora books will be available on Amazon in both print and eBook! As always, the eBooks will be most reasonably priced as I very much control the pricing on those – not so on print books. (Did you know you can get a free Kindle app from Amazon for your devices? You don’t need to buy a Kindle, although I enjoy mine. Immensely.)   


The Zoey Wolfe Books:

Blood Moon (Book 1)

The Just and the Unjust (Book 2)

Paragon of Virtue (Book 3)

No Kind of Angel (Book 4)

Slow Day in Hell (Book 5)

Outrage Unmasked (Book 6)

Apex Predator (Book 7)

Foster & Dora (a companion book)

Sleeping Dogs & Hidden Truths (Foster & Dora)

Possums & Wild Persimmons (Foster & Dora)


Theo of Teach Island series:

Exes and Other Excrement, Prequel

Theo’s Lucky Day, Prequel

Thorns or Roses, Book 1

Best of Intentions, Book 2

Tea Bag in Hot Water, Book 3

All the Money, Book 4

Foster & Dora (a companion book)

Sleeping Dogs & Hidden Truths (Foster & Dora)

Possums & Wild Persimmons (Foster & Dora)


The Heart series:

Sacred Heart

Bastard Hearts, Part One – Warrior Heart

Bastard Hearts, Part Two – Darkness Descending

Bloody Hearts, Part One – War of the Queens

Foster & Dora (a companion book)

Sleeping Dogs & Hidden Truths (Foster & Dora)

Possums & Wild Persimmons (Foster & Dora)